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By | December 4, 2018

Make-Believe Lives Part 8: Meet Ben, The Doctor Wannabe

Get to know Ben as you journey throughout his life and how smart and empathetic is this kid is, for example, he ever encountered an animal who is injured, he will nurse it back to health. Ben loves caring for individuals, that is why he also joined scouting to help those who are in need. He has been a well-known scout for his service as a volunteer, among the skills of scouting he excelled in first aid the most. One day Ben’s father asked him what he wants to be when he grows up. Without hesitation, Ben answered doctor. Ben’s father is fully aware that no matter how many shifts as a janitor he takes he would not be able to support his son’s dreams but how can he tell a young boy that?

Ben was able to learn more about scouting and how it can be beneficial. There were suggestions that due to his ability to empathize he fits well as a guidance counselor or could be a psychiatrist but Ben did not want to be either, he wanted to be a doctor.

As Ben grows up he realizes that his family will not be able to provide for his education that is why he is working part-time in order to earn.

Through education Ben was able to learn more info about trade schools and how it contributes to improving individuals. Left scouting and he did odd jobs and because of his exemplary working attitude he was able to save enough money for trade school, his parent would not even pay a dime.

Ben was not able to become a doctor, however, with his dedication he finished his course and is now a medical assistant.

Ben was able to discover more about how life is more than just success and wealth.

Ben went back to school and this was also the time that he became clear about his gender and that he was not straight. At first, they were furious but then, later on, they accepted him for who he is. Ben has his own website wherein he narrates his journey every day through updates.

Ben found the love of his life in the form of Jake, a doctor who works at the same hospital he got in plus he is such an amazing guy.

Was not that long that the two entertained the thought of marriage. Ben and Jake decided to tie the knot if their conditions of both parties are met.

Jake is supposed to be free from the bondage of his student loans and Ben must reduce time doing work so that Jake can be filled in his schedule. Both complied with their designated conditions and are traveling the world together, which is documented through Ben’s blogs about the couple’s adventure.

The couple just had their first four-legged fur baby, together they are a family that proves happy ever afters exist.