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By | December 4, 2018

All About Finding Snake Oil.

I was feeling like Dana Scully on a cold and dark forest deflating werewolf legends. Nevertheless, I did walk into a pot shop in Walla Walla, Washington on a sunny day not wanting to acknowledge what it was. This is one of those forests that stocked crystals, flip-flops, bracelets, and water bottles. As soon as my wife and I entered the store, which had the smell of lavender and pine, the store rep duo pounced. There was some bit of small talk then the man started elaborating. He made a lot of effort not to include vibrational energy or even new age in the talk. He as direct in asking whether we had been facing aches, anxiety attacks or even depression. When we said no it crushed his spirit. This prompted him to explain that he was also faced with skepticism initially. He began believing when a bottle which came from a friend as a gift was making the water to be sweeter than he had experienced before. After some experimental tasting, he decided that the rocks at the bottle of the water bottle were the cause for that. There was inertia of the electrons because the crystals had electric energy. The man was talking to us about cocooning while wading through a lot of trinkets which were full of crushed crystals.

There was an image of Don Ameche and Maureen Stapleton dancing and it looked like they were teenagers. Finally, he led us to some rubber black sheets which appeared to be flecked with crystals all the way. They are used by putting them above and under your body. Through this process, you will be trapped in an energy field. We gave in and allowed strangers to use the sheets on us. Despite the weight of the sheets, they had a calming effect. I can’t say the same about the x-ray session is had the previous year. The mats smelled like a conifer forest and it was like the cool autumn evening when you are hugged by a friend. We were sharing thoughts on leaving the store with many sample goodies. It was unanimous that cocooning did bring a sense of comfort and calm.

Of all the organs in the body, the skin is the largest. When someone hugs you, the receptors on the skin send signals to the brain to release oxytocin. To learn more about the snake oil history and how to use it you can click here.

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