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Nai Shwe Kyin
"Our aim is to reclaim the traditional and historical homeland of the Mon people which was conquered by the Burmese in 1757 and which did not receive its own rights after independence from Great Britain in 1948."
Nai Shwe Kyin (1913-2003),
former President of NMSP

New Mon State Party's golden jubilee had been celebrated in many places and hundreds of people joint the event.

20 July 2008.
New Mon State Party celebrated its golden jubilee in different districts and hundreds of people participated the ceremony joyfully.

The main purpose of celebration is to getting more cooperation between the party and people in Mon community affair. The felicitation from the president of New Mon State Party Nai Htaw Mon said that because of we couldn't negotiate peacefully with Burmese leaders to solve the political crisis in the country, we Mons had to resort to an armed struggle in 1948. This long struggle is bearing fruit because we get full support from our people and we are in the right process. We are together with our people fighting for establishing our own government which is chosen by people of Mon State.

The biographies of former presidents of NMSP such as Nai Shwe Kyin, Nai Nonlar and Nai Htin had been read aloud in the event.

New Mon State Party was formed in July 1958 under the leadership of Nai Shwe Kyin just after a big surrender under the leadership of the Mon People's Front (MPF) which took up armed resistance since 1948.
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New Mon State Party and local people celebrate the 61st Mon National Day in the hold area.

22. Feb. 2008
Hundreds of thousands of people in the different regions participate the event. The statement from NMSP Central Committee said that now the Burmese's Military Government announced they will hold a constitutional referendum in May this year and multi-party election in 2010. This referendum destroys negotiation for national reconciliation. By doing so, without negotiated with democratic parties and other ethnic nationalities, NMSP do not believe it can solve the political crisis.
President Nai Htaw Mon urges in his epistle that NMSP is standing by its own and depending only on Mon people and re-promising that NMSP never let Mon national profit witch made by our Mons despairs.
Every year on the first waning of Maigh, the ninth month in the Mon lunar calendar, Mons around the world celebrate the National Day in honoring of the established of Mon Kingdom Honsawatoi(Bago) in AD 825.
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28. August 2007,
Thousands of people around the country joined with New Mon State Party to celebrate 60th Mon Revolutionary Day. The statement from NMSP Centre Committee said that finding a peaceful solution to the political conflict in Burma is remaining deadlock because the government wants to solve the political crisis only on their way.
The constitutional National Convention that has been held by the government from 1993 will be concluded soon. Since 2005 after our demands have been ignored we attend the National Convention only as observers.