Pool Cues How to Choose the Right One for You

By | November 9, 2018

When you play billiards at your local pub, some of the cues offered are that you might also play with cheap pool cues. You are an ordinary player. One day you will want to buy your own signal. Here are some tips to help you with your decision. There are dozens of brands on the market ranging from $ 50 to $ 5000, so which is the best for you? You have to consider what price range you can pay. Remember this can be like buying a new driver for golf simply because having a price tag of $ 1000 does not guarantee that you will hit the ball more straight or farther.

You also have to consider whether you want one piece or two parts. One-part signals are usually made of wood or graphite but are difficult to travel. A two-part gesture like the name consists of two parts and usually appears in a specially made cue case. Many pros use signals made from lightweight materials such as graphite and carbon fiber. It is recommended that novice players or amateur players use a slightly heavier wooden stick to give players more control over their shots. Personally I will go in the middle price range and nothing is too fancy, and while you in the shop don’t be shy about asking for advice from you having unbound funds you can have specially made cues made with specfic weight and claims to help you shoot more straight and more consistently.

But you have to ask yourself whether spending 100 dollars will really help your main thing that will help your game is practice and knowledge of the game. Instructions are even embedded with a personal serial number. The point is not to write this article to promote a particular brand or company but I want you to consider a few small friendly tips that I have given the bottom line is to ignore the brand and find and buy cues that fit your needs and budget.